It’s All About the Hustle


With the start of each new year, I’m ever intrigued to hear and see what people intend to accomplish. Even more, I’m always eager to set and accomplish a few new goals myself. Along the way, I’ve learned this: It’s easy to set goals, however it’s not always easy to stay motivated in accomplishing them.

Rather than putting so much emphasis on the actual setting and accomplishing of new goals, what if we redirected our focus toward  keeping ourselves motivated? It’s in the daily motivation (a.k.a. hustle) where we’ll find the true results. 

To help myself accomplish my goals, I’m joining Jon Acuff’s #30DaysOfHustle (along with a few thousand others). We’re spending the next 30 days not only making goals, but encouraging each other along the way as we accomplish them. My goal for the next 30 days is to write something (whether a blog, outlines for book ideas, book, manuscript, and so forth) every day. It’s only Day 1 of the journey, and I’m off to a great start. Encouragement from others on the journey is already proving to be an excellent way to stay motivated.

As you make your list of goals or resolutions for 2014, I challenge and encourage you to focus on the hustle. Find ways to stay motivated (accountability from friends, enlisting/being a mentor, reading, and so forth). Ultimately, don’t let this year’s goals go unaccomplished. You can do it!

It’s all about the hustle.


Just Say No to Status Quo!


One thing I seem to notice more and more these days is our culture’s strange attraction to mediocrity. I see it in the entertainment world as masses seem to be drawn to the sight or sound of a lackluster performance. I see it when parents celebrate average achievement in schoolwork. I observe it in the workplace as employees allow burnout to consume the passion that once fueled their desire obtain career success. I even witness it in the ministry setting as church members and leaders get comfortable with “the way we’ve always done it.”

So what ever happened to striving for excellence?

And when did we fall victim to a “status quo” way of living?

Though we may not be able to find the root answer to these questions, we can surely work against such behaviors as Millennial leaders dedicated to excellence.

Here are three ways to “just say no”…to status quo.

1. Feed your passion constantly. Read good books. Study the competitor. Never stop dreaming. And when those moments of burnout start sneaking in, remind yourself why you do what you do (and who you do it for).

2. Practice accountability. Just like a good workout partner or mentor, accountability is important for keeping yourself encouraged, inspired, and excited to do more and be more. So keep others in check, and allow them to do the same for you.

3. Raise the bar. When you are setting high standards and striving for excellence as a leader, you’ll quickly notice how contagious it will become to those around you. Show up early. Go the extra mile. Embrace change…and support it. And ultimately, as a leader, never get too comfortable.

How do you see attitudes of mediocrity played out in your circle of influence?

As a leader, are you striving to maintain the status quo? Or are you leading others toward excellence?