The One Way Street Known As “Jesus”



Several things can be observed from driving down a one-way street. It can be awkward and confusing at times. It’s often narrow. And sometimes, it forces you to slow down. But a one-way street can also reduce crashes, simplify pedestrian crossings, and effectively keep drivers from being distracted by those going in the opposite direction. Though a one-way street might not be the most popular type of route to travel, it can protect us and guide us safely to our destination.

The claim that Jesus is the only way to God isn’t always the popular route. It can be awkward and confusing at times. It’s the narrow way. Sometimes, it forces us to slow down. But, it can reduce collisions in life. For those who wish to cross it, the experience is much more pleasant than a two-way or multiple-way path to the Father. And for those traveling in God’s direction, it’s much easier to focus ahead with Jesus as the guide.

So how can we know that Jesus is the only way to God? The answer is clear in the Bible. There is ONE SON (John 3:16-18), ONE WAY (John 14:6-11), and ONE MEDIATOR (1 Timothy 2:3-6). Jesus never apologized for saying that He is the only way to God, and if we claim to follow Him, neither should we.

Have you been driving down a two-way street in your faith? Are you at a busy junction or maybe a high-traffic intersection? Maybe it’s time you make a turn onto the one-way street known as Jesus.