About Adam York

Adam York is the author of “Meet Penny Nickels,” a children’s book about stewardship. He’s also an editor, social media specialist, and currently serves as the Director of Alumni Communication & Young Alumni at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. Prior to joining the Alumni Relations team at Belmont, Adam served at LifeWay Christian Resources, one of the world’s largest Christian publishing organizations. While at LifeWay, Adam served in multiple ministry specialist positions, including content editor for Collegiate magazine, Explore the Bible: Young Adults, and various young adult Bible study resources. Prior to serving at LifeWay, Adam served for 5 years in full-time student ministry. He graduated from Belmont University (Bachelor of Theological Studies) and Union University (Master of Christian Studies). Adam and his wife, Kathryn, reside in historic Franklin, Tenn.


4 thoughts on “About Adam York

  1. Dear Adam, I just read about your new book and pending visit to Jamestown on July 11. Unfortunately, I am leaving for vacation too early to see you in person, but want to convey congratulations to you and to wish you a great future as an author,
    With pride in you–
    Yvonne Gernt

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    • Thank you so much! I’m truly humbled and thankful for great English teachers along the way. 😉 Hope you get to see the book someday soon! There will be more to come.


  2. That’s pretty cool to see our English teacher give you props on a new book. I can’t imagine how much pride that would bring to me as your high school English teacher…lol.

    I haven’t read it yet but maybe I’ll stop by Nashville at some point and pick up a signed copy or two. If you make it up to Portland for any book signings I expect to hear from you.
    God Bless you Adam, I’m happy to see where God is taking you!


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