Why Changing It Up Is A Must


Change is hard, especially if you’re a creature of habit. No one can argue that life can be much more comfortable when we keep our environments familiar, stable, and within our control. But sometimes, change is necessary–even if it requires us to get uncomfortable. Changing up our routines, patterns, and ways of living can be for our good.

The past few months in my life have introduced a series of changes that have caused me to reflect on the value of change. In the midst of these recent changes, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons:

1. God is in control. Though we may think we’re in control of decision-making, God always has the final word. It may take some time to see God’s hand working in the midst of a difficult change, but if your perspective and heart are both in the right place, you’ll eventually see that God was walking with you all along the way.

2. There’s always room for improvement. The older we get, the easier it is to get cozy in a familiar setting or environment, especially a career. But when opportunities appear to put a new skill or talent to use in a different way, be open to giving it a shot. You might quickly realize it was the best decision you ever made. You might struggle in the early stages yet eventually discover that perseverance pays off. You might even find it wasn’t the best move, but in the end you can at least say you tried. Ultimately, give yourself some room to grow and make yourself better.

3. Wisdom comes from experience. Want wisdom? Get out there and live! The wisest people are those who experience new things and new places. Travel when you can. Interact with new people. Explore new environments. You’ll not only better appreciate your own upbringing and culture, but you’ll have a better perspective of how others think, feel, and react to life’s circumstances. Ultimately, don’t live your life in a box.

The late great actress Lucille Ball was credited with the quote, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” And while there could be arguments for or against this saying, there’s wisdom in these words when it comes to change. Allow yourself to get uncomfortable enough to experience something that could change your life for the better. Change may hurt a little, but with a positive perspective, you’ll become wiser and better as you let go and allow God to lead you on the journey.

Do you have a story or testimony of how changing something up in your life made you better? I’d love to hear it. Comment below.


5 thoughts on “Why Changing It Up Is A Must

  1. Wow! I really enjoyed the read. Really motivates me to get up and achieve my goals. I like the simple break up of this idea into three parts. It made it easy on the eyes and easy to read and follow. I also liked how you bolded the main parts of the post and the main ideas. The quote in the ending by Lucille Ball was a good touch too! Overall, was enjoyable to read and gives motivation to those reading! Thanks!

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  2. Very insightful and well written. I’m a firm believer in change being a good thing as long as it’s not a spur of the moment change and there’s a lot of thought put into it.

    I thank God and feel blessed that all of the big changes I’ve ever made in life have panned out to be good for me. I remember graduating college and heading west for a career I had no idea about, 14+ years later and three different moves/changes within the same company and I’m still as happy to be here as I was the first day, and on some days… just as excited!

    I hope you’re doing well Adam,

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  3. Change is so important. Sometimes I think the students and leaders in my ministry get frustrated with me, cause I’m always looking at how we can change. My favorite thing to say: let’s throw it all out on the table (referring to every aspect of our ministry) and see what needs to change.

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