Good Advice May Not Always Be Good For You


The following is a guest post by a good friend and influential voice to the Millennial generation, Jonathan Pearson. When I got word of his new book, Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make, I wanted to be a part of helping other young leaders find and soak in Jonathan’s passion and wisdom. If you’ve ever been bombarded with advice on how to do things from people, and it didn’t work for you, you’ll definitely relate to these words. ~Adam


My wife and I have a 2 month old. Being our first child, you can imagine the amount of advice we got as my wife was pregnant and we were getting closer to his due date. We got advice like…

“Get as much sleep as you can now! You’ll need it later!”
“Don’t feed from a bottle, it’ll mess up their routine.”
“Don’t buy newborn clothes, they’ll only be in them for a little time.”

We got all of that advice and more.

We took some of that advice and ignored some of the others. One of the things we listened to and took to heart was to not buy any newborn clothes or diapers. We figured that people would give us enough to last for the “short” time our son would be in them.

Our son was born 6 weeks premature.
He was REALLY small.

He didn’t start in newborn, he started in premature size diapers and clothing.

As we brought him home from the hospital a couple of weeks after his birth, we were scrambling to find clothes to fit his tiny body. We had to go to the store the night we brought him home to get preemie diapers.

The advice we were given, while it may have been great advice to the people giving it, didn’t work for us. Our situation was different.

You are different than the people around you. One of the things we’ve tried to do, especially as young leaders, is take what works for someone else and apply it to us. So we take on what works for other people and claim it as our own. We’re left with an identity crisis. Instead of knowing who God made us to be, we try to become everyone around us.

Just because it seems to work well for them, doesn’t mean it will work well for us.

Be you. You are you. You aren’t them!

Read more about topics like this in Jonathan’s book Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make. To find out more about the book, visit To find out more about Jonathan, visit his website.


3 thoughts on “Good Advice May Not Always Be Good For You

  1. Hey Adam,
    Congrats on becoming a father!
    Since I have been away from FB for a couple years I have not known you were expecting.

    I enjoyed this blog entry because I am still coming to terms with the fact that my 9 year old step-son is nothing like me and I have been so frustrated when he can’t seem to do something the way I do it. My wife has made sure I realize that He and I are very different and that what works for me will not always work for him, much like your blog points out.

    I am finding that I am not nearly as perfect and awesome as I have always thought! [/end sarcasm] 🙂

    As always, I enjoy your blog so keep it up and maybe I will get a hold of you soon when I head to Tenn. on vacation some time in June.


    • Hey, Nick! Thanks a ton. I’m not a father yet myself. This post is a guest post by my friend Jonathan Pearson. But I can definitely relate to what you said as well. Looks like we’ve both had a lot of life changes since we last spoke. Congrats! And yes, give me a shout if you hit up Tennessee this summer!


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