A Rant About Ranting


It’s pretty obvious: People love to rant–especially via social media. Whether it’s regarding politics, religious views, sports, or relationships, ranting seems to be America’s new favorite pastime. We all have opinions, and everyone likes to believe theirs is the right one.

But it makes me wonder, Does public ranting ever solve any problems? And is there a better way to vent frustrations, while still sharing your point of view?

The answer is YES. Here are three points to consider before firing up the social media megaphone:

1. Rarely does anyone convert someone to his or her way of thinking via angry rant. People are more apt to listen to an opposing viewpoint when approached with gentleness and respect.

2. Forcing one’s opinions or views onto others can cause division, distrust, and scarred relationships. It’s best to consider whether the rant is a hill worth dying on.

3. Nobody likes a whiner or complainer. Not only do public ranters risk losing friends fast, but his or her reputation gets lost faster than friends.

Ultimately, ranting doesn’t solve problems. Seeking wisdom and working to understand others does. Rather than ridiculously shouting frustrations through social media channels,  imagine what could happen if we all listened more and extended more grace. We could really change the world a lot faster.

Who’s in?


4 thoughts on “A Rant About Ranting

  1. I’ve always wondered if people who rant on social media all the time think they are really making a difference. Most times I just blow past posts like that and keep scrolling. I’m surer most people do the same.


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