Are You Over-Committed?


Ever felt like you just don’t have enough time to give to the things and people in your life who demand it?

I find myself at this place of tension often. Being an extrovert, I love spending face-to-face time with people. Nothing brings more joy to my life than just being with the people. Because of this, I usually end up juggling multiple commitments that can be quite draining, sometimes leaving me wondering if I’ve offered anything good of myself to others.

So what is the remedy for being over-committed? 

Here are 3 ways to relieve the tension of over-commitment.

  1. Prioritize. When it comes to your schedule, you must prioritize. Let’s be honest, some things are just more important than others. Only you can know what needs to come first. Ultimately, make sure you’re giving appropriate time to your loved ones and your responsibilities.
  2. Just say no. Trust me, no one struggles with saying no more than me. But one thing I’m slowly learning is that it’s OK to say no sometimes. Give it a try. It’s quite liberating. In genuine relationships, the other person will truly understand your need to say no at times.
  3. Set aside time for yourself. Selflessness is a good thing, but sometimes you just need time for yourself. You’ll always be able to give others the best of yourself when you’re rested, refreshed, and relaxed. So go ahead…take some leisure time for yourself. People and things will still be there when you return.
In what other ways do you combat over-commitment?
Any other advice you’d offer to those who struggle with saying no?

2 thoughts on “Are You Over-Committed?

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