Hello, God?


If you’re like me, you’ve probably had many moments in life when you felt like God was a million miles away. You may have questioned whether God even cares about what’s happening in your life. Often, our circumstances or hardships can cause us to have these thoughts. This is especially true in the life of a young adult, as major life decisions are before you. But the reality is that God is highly involved in our lives. He cares more than any close friend or relative. He’s here—right now—and there’s nowhere we can run to escape from His presence. Ultimately, God wants to be involved in our lives.

Scripture reveals to us that God not only exists, but He’s also deeply involved and desires to be intimately present in every area of our lives. In the Psalms, David reminds us that God is personal and present. In Deuteronomy, Moses left us a reminder that God guides and provides. Just as God was present with the Israelites through their wilderness experience, He’s ever present in our moments of “wilderness.” Finally, Paul reminds us in Philippians that God stepped into history, making His presence known through Christ. He cares for us so much that He set aside the glories of deity to become a human being. Because of His humanity, we see just how much God wants to be involved in our lives. There’s nothing we could ever go through that God doesn’t understand.

In those moments when God seems so far away, how can you remind yourself that He’s completely present and personally involved?


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