Our culture has transformed the term “sell-out” into a negative quality. When musicians or actors submit themselves to the going trend, they are often coined as “selling out” to the popular crowd…often compromising the original attributes that gave them the credibility and appeal for which they’re best known. But is “selling out” always a negative thing? Not in the game of baseball! In America’s favorite pastime, “selling out” is described as sacrificing one’s body for the good of the team.

For many leaders, “selling out” or sacrificing personal goals for the good of the team has become optional. But the truth is, some of the best leaders of all time have been “sell outs.” When it came to the success of the whole team, they put aside personal gain, compromising toward a greater purpose. And most often, when such a sacrifice is made, a leader then gains the listening ear and trust of his or her team that can give them the platform to re-introduce those original goals or plans that set them apart from the beginning.

What do your sacrifices or compromises look like in your leadership role? Are there areas in your role that might require you to “sell out”?

Here are 3 signs that might indicate it’s time to “sell out” in your leadership role:

1. When your current vision isn’t producing positive results
2. When your team isn’t passionate or “on board” with your vision
3. When your followers start to slowly disappear


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