This Buffet We Call Life

Choices overwhelm me. In fact, I’m the worst at deciding where to eat out for dinner. When I was in college, my good friend Lani once told me, “Just be a man and make a decision!” That statement that has haunted me for years…ha! And for as long as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with choices. I’m living proof that sometimes the fear of making the wrong choice sometimes prevents me from making any choice at all.

But in leadership, choices must be made. In this “buffet” of life, we can make wise, healthy choices, or we can choose not to choose. In the latter case, we either go hungry or we overload our plates to the point of sickness. Like a good dietician or personal trainer, we need good coaching when it comes to choosing what’s best for us.

In our lives, there will be many voices of “advice” and temptation along the way. But as young leaders, who are you listening to for help in making good decisions? Do you struggle with choices? How has it affected your leadership?

As a leader approaching life’s “buffet”…

-Don’t let your eyes lead you astray.

-Consume within reasonable boundaries.

-Take on only what you can handle.

-Avoid the unhealthy.

-And finally…be willing to share with others.


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