The Art of Focus


It’s something I struggle with often. And because I want to see and do so many things at one time, I usually get a blurry perspective of the world around me. Sadly, my fear of missing out on the larger spectrum of life has caused me to miss the clarity of focusing on the many single, beautiful details God has designed for my eyes to see.

It’s much like a visit with the optometrist. I usually get frustrated in the part of eye exam when I’m asked to choose between lens number one or lens number two. I’d rather just skip ahead to the part where I can read the whole chart of letters from top to bottom. However, choosing between the two lenses are crucial because it forces me to focus on the clear, pure image in the distance. Ultimately, the optometrist will then know how to diagnose my vision with the best possible lens prescription.

The way we see sin and holiness is a lot like choosing between lens one and two versus the whole letter chart. We often prefer the “morally relative” view of the letter chart that allows us to see the rows we prefer, while blurring the holistic details that God would rather us focus on. When it comes to the holiness of God and recognizing sin in our midst, it’s important that we have proper focus.

In discussing the standard for morality and the difference it makes in the life of the believer, it’s important to remember that without the lens of Scripture, moral choices appear fuzzy.

Do you find yourself struggling with God’s standard of holiness? What are practical steps we can take to measure up to that holiness? Are you looking through the lens of Scripture daily to gain clarity in your decisions?


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