Doggone Loyalty

I’m generally not a dog-lover, but there’s a lot we can learn from “man’s best friend” when it comes to loyalty. One thing I often observe from those who love their dogs is that they seem to find a genuine companionship or trust that’s different from human relationships. Maybe it’s because you can tell your dog those deepest, darkest secrets, knowing he will never tell (unless your dog is the Bush’s baked beans dog, and then the secret’s out). Or maybe it’s because no matter how disloyal you are toward your dog, he will always come when you call, wagging his tail in excitement to see his master.

These days, it’s often hard to trust anyone. Even those we place on pedestals eventually lose balance and fall right in front of us. As I reflect back on my life, it’s actually a bit difficult to pinpoint even a handful of people that I’d consider truly loyal. The point is–people we love (especially leaders) will disappoint us at some point along the way, but God never fails. Throughout Scripture, He paints the picture of what genuine loyalty should look like.

As young leaders, keep in mind that loyalty sets your direction. Saul’s loyalty led to his downfall. David’s loyalty led him to the top. Which direction are you allowing your loyalty to lead you? Also, loyalty doesn’t always make sense. Being loyal to God turns what seems natural or normal upside down.

So maybe we should take notes from our canine friends. No matter how often or how much we’re hurt by leaders or those we admire, let’s choose loyalty over revenge. We’ll only be able to show loyalty to one another, as we’re loyal to the One who never fails us.

What do you see in the area of loyalty? Are you loyal to anyone? Who’s loyal to you?


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