Do You Like Stale Peeps?

Marshmallow Peeps. They invade the candy aisles every year during the Easter season (and almost every other holiday). People either love them or hate them. I’m one of those crazy people who buy them in bulk. In fact, I’m usually blessed each year by a “Peep fairy” who surprises me with all things “Peep.” Four years ago, it was a t-shirt with a big yellow Peep on the front and the phrase, “Where my Peeps?” I wore it proudly. Three years ago, it was a string of marshmallow Peep Christmas lights. I displayed them with no shame. Last year, I received Peeps as gifts for three separate occasions. I’ve even learned that there are 2 things you should NEVER do with Peeps: (1) never microwave them and (2) never play Chubby Bunny with them. Trust me, it will get ugly!

Even more, I love stale Peeps. I know you may think that’s crazy…maybe even gross…but for some reason, I just like them better after they’ve sat and hardened for about a week. In recent days, I’ve learned that there’s an underground following of stale Peep lovers. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it…haha!

Stale Peeps may be good, but stale leadership, stale performance, and stale passion will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouths of your followers. As young leaders, I challenge you to apply these three tips when it comes to maintaining a fresh approach to leadership:

1) In decision-making, always consider a new perspective. Is the same old method producing great results? If not, maybe it’s time to put a new spin on it.

2) Stay up-to-date on cultural patterns and trends. If you can’t relate to your audience, chances are high that you need to be present where they are.

3) Change your environment when possible. Not only will your creativity be renewed, but you’ll also meet new people and prevent yourself from getting too cozy inside your walls of comfort.

Above all, don’t let yourself get stale. Leave it for the Peeps.

What things do you find that makes young people go stale? How do we guard against it?


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