Searching for Life’s Easy Button

Remember the Easy Button? In 2005, the well-known office supply chain store, Staples, brought to life their ad campaign, “That was Easy,” with the release of the Easy Button. Obviously, the product has no real power, but its high volume of sales reveals a common theme: People dream of making their problems disappear instantly. Who doesn’t, right?

If only there was an Easy Button for life. In an instant, we could turn those moments of crisis, frustration, and pain into seasons of joy, favor, and blessing. We could continue living our lives of simplicity and happiness without even a flinch.

Reality check: There will never be an Easy Button. There will be difficult times. There will be loss. There will be pain. And there will be disappointment. In the midst of it all, we weren’t designed to go at this life alone. We endure difficult situations with the help of God and those around us.

In leadership, this is especially important. Great leaders invest in the lives of those around them. And when those moments of crisis appear, there’s a support system to help make those tough decisions much easier.

How do handle life’s difficult moments? Has it affected your leadership? And, more importantly, do you have a strong support system through the people around you?


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